Scalable and Economical solution for any size of retail
Customized screens featuring your business's graphics and artwork
Wireless Connectivity Customer Interactive
Efficient, focused sales process Designed by salespeople, for salespeople
All the information you need, at the car, not the desk Cutting Edge Technology
Multi-User ability for efficient use of devices Built in payment calculator
"Tag and Save" vehicles to customer profiles.(Also a great inventory tool!) Customer Profile Management with default follow-up features.
Built in scanning functionality instantly displays vehicle details Instant notification of sale pending to managers PDA
On the spot instantaneous collection and archive of pertinent customer information utilizing and incorporating scan functionality Presentation of vehicle inventories in a clear and concise manner with easily navigable menus for search and detailed vehicle info.
A simple yet effective follow up/activity planner prompts efficient management of every sale opportunity by salespersons and sales managers Real-time activity monitoring for managers and dealer principals